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Not my President! At first I thought Trump had some good points. I also thought the US government needed shaken up a little…then I realized he was crazy, mean…and a very sad person. In my experience the only people who purposely cause others harm are either sad or fighting for a cause. This man is both....

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Tech Good, Tech Bad

I am amazed that there are still people trying to have a debate about whether technology is good or if technology is bad and if society needs to stop using technology to avoid some cataclysmic extinction. As if that is even a possibility. Sure, it sounds appealing…fantasizing about a return to simpler times...

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Growing Up

I grew up in rural Washington, or what we as kids woefully referred to as “the middle of nowhere”. My parents owned 12 acres of woods that was bordered on two sides by Weyerhaeuser, a logging company so we were surrounded by forest land crisscrossed with logging roads and bald patches. As a young boy without any...

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Self Reflection

Scott Davis
                Three words that can be used to describe me are trustworthy, enterprising and determined. These are three traits I have displayed throughout my whole life from when I was young. It would take some deep reflection and a psychology...

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