Tech Good, Tech Bad

I am amazed that there are still people trying to have a debate about whether technology is good or if technology is bad and if society needs to stop using technology to avoid some cataclysmic extinction. As if that is even a possibility.

Sure, it sounds appealing…fantasizing about a return to simpler times before our attention became a commodity in itself. Especially considering we have already begun to see mental degradation on a national level. Unfortunately, trying to ignore technological progression is much like burying your head in the sand as a tsunami approaches.

In the past there were similar fears and resistances to technological jumps. It is widely known that philosopher’s worried that the invention of paper and writing would somehow make people more forgetful. While it is possible there were changes to the human psyche once men and woman could make shopping lists and track their family trees (for one thing, it was easier to make sure you weren’t sleeping with a distant cousin), but looking back now, the improvements made to society as the result of having paper vastly out weigh any negatives.

Which brings me to my main point. Any technology reflects the intentions of the people using it. It is true with any tool humanity has ever invented from the rock to the rocket…and everything in between. Even the tool that is currently tearing America apart, the gun, has both good and bad uses depending on who is holding it.

While I’m not trying to turn this into some rant for gun control, I am going to make the point that ALL of the problems facing us today come down to the same point. The only cure all for society’s current issues is personal responsibility. There is no way to make enough laws to protect every person from any harm are offense that can be committed against them using the myriad of tools humanity has at it’s disposal today. As long as you tell someone they can’t do something, there will always be an urge for someone to rebel and exercise “personal freedom”. The only way toward a safe and free society is to lead by example to encourage and reinforce personal responsibility. If everyone felt safe and happy there would be no reason for all the laws that make us feel oppressed each day. It is partly this oppression that is making some lash out in frustration, which forces others into isolation…which increases fear…

We have to stop this spiral so that there is no more fear and no more hate towards our neighbors. Once that happens, there will be no debate about technology getting misused in the wrong hands. Everyone’s hands will be “the right hands”.


Web Design Student at Edmonds Community College, Washington.

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