Not my President!

At first I thought Trump had some good points. I also thought the US government needed shaken up a little…then I realized he was crazy, mean…and a very sad person. In my experience the only people who purposely cause others harm are either sad or fighting for a cause. This man is both. He’s mad and fighting for the rich…to get richer.

Unfortunately there are so many poor people willing to fall for his con (and enough rich people without morals), that Trump has brought our country to a very dangerous point. Every day it feels like the likelihood of Trump being the last American President ad the First American Dictator is getting closer and closer to becoming reality.

That is why I quit voicing my opinion on Twitter, Facebook, or any other Social Media several Months ago. I am worried and some point when our country’s democracy falls and Trump takes complete power, that they will scour the Internet’s archives looking for Trump’s enemies and anyone who said anything against him at anytime.

You might scoff and say that I am over reacting, but Trump’s allies have already started hinting that Trump should not have to gibe up the presidency since he was obstructed by democratic investigations. In any other time this would have received immediate backlash and condemnation, especially from any other president, but in this current climate or broken reality this cal for an end to our elections is going unnoticed.

I’m not the only one with this fear. I don’t hear many people talk about Trump at all anymore. In Washington State his supporters that still exist are too embarrassed to admit it, and the people that know he is insane are trying not to think about him to protect their own happiness and mental health. It feels as if everyone is just waiting for something to change…or for something cataclysmic to happen.

That is the reason my focus like many other people is now on simply surviving thr Trump presidency…and hoping he isn’t the last American President (in which case Obama will be the last Great American President ad Trump will be the tacky guy who broke the country forever).


Web Design Student at Edmonds Community College, Washington.

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