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Scott Davis

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Web Designer/ IT / Pet Care / Musician


July 23, 1974

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2017 / current


I am currently a Computer Networking/IT student at Everett Community College in Everett, WA.

Before this I was studying Web Design at Edmonds Community College, but two quarters before graduating with a 4.0 I decided I needed a bigger challenge. I transferred to EvCC where the curriculum is a lot more in depth. I am due to graduate with an Associate's Degree in IT/Computer Networking in Winter 2020. The skills I have gained in college so far include:

  • Graphic Design

  • Computer Networking

  • Writing

  • Yoga

2006 / 2017

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

I was self employed for many years as a Dog Walker and a Pet Sitter for many different types of animals.

I have cared for cats, birds, rabbits, chickens, and pigs professionally, but my specialty is working with aggressive or behaviorally challenged canines and socializing young puppies when the owner is inexperienced or too busy. Even though I don't pursue this full time, I am always willing to help someone in need with the following services:

  • Dog Walking

  • Pet Sitting

  • Dog Training

All of my Life


I am skilled on multiple instruments and in many different styles of music.

I have played Classical Guitar at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, and taught Saxophone, Guitar, and Piano. I am always interested in performing or collaborating with other musicians. My favorite styles include:

  • Classical Music

  • Jazz and Blues

  • Acoustic Folk/Rock

  • Some Popular Music (before 2001)

My Skills

Web Design

Dog Trainer


Special Thanks To:

Personal Influences

Professional Influences

  • Diane Walser

  • Steve Hailey

  • Elon Musk

Spiritual Influences